This Haus of Ours~ Giant 2018 Holiday Gift Guide~

Remember, the best gift you can give is love and time… those two kind of go hand in hand for me. My love language (next to quality time) is gift giving, so if you’re anything like me, this is for you. Or if you ran out of gift ideas, if you are a last minute kind of person, an early bird gets the worm shopper, this is for all of you- especially if you want to be the best gift giver this season- because I assure you, there will be something for everyone here! 🙂

Gifts for Her


  1. There is nothing more magical than wishing on the wispy seeds of a dandelion—until these Plantable Mindful Cards
  2. I’ve been using this Argan Milk for years, thanks to my amazing mother in law (who is a superb gift giver herself)
  3. Exquisite little rose stud earrings handmade by my bestie!She is offering you all free shipping with code “BFDEAL” <3
  4. The most heartfelt and gut wrenchingly beautiful Poetry
  5. Scrunchies are totally back, and if they are velvet scrunchies they win in my book!
  6. I have this pair of Fair Isle Leggings and have been wearing them! So comfy and beautiful! **black friday 40% off!
  7. My go to Perfume, sooooo delicious.
  8. This sun inspired bag is stylish enough to be anything you want it to be, diaper bag, every day bag ,weekender..mary poppins hold it all style bag. You name it. **$20 off Black friday!
  9. Boob washcloths. Need I say more? 😀
  10. This doormat is a must this season!
  11. Your toes will be sure to stay warm with these amazing crochet slippers!
  12. Hands down my favorite winter shoes! I wore them out last year! **20%off black friday with code Madhouse (plus a free weekender bag!)
  13. ADOPT A LLAMA! all my dreams come true.
  14. Best runners there ever were.

For the Homebody


  1. Beautiful three tier hanging basket **Buy one get one 50% site wide for black friday!
  2. This doormat had me at hello.
  3. If you know me, you know about my weakness for all things woven and rattan. These stools are heaven.
  4. Darling Rainbow Frame. **30%off everything for black friday!
  5. Favorite Art print in my home right now. **TURKEY10
  6. Perfect with these hangers.
  7. Beautiful handwoven sunflower trivets for the cook. Or you could totally hang these as art!
  8. Another favorite of mine, we’ve had these bathmats for 3 years and they are as beautiful as on day one.
  9. Wrap up by the fire in this gorgeous faux throw or take an instagram worthy picture of your kids curled up in this 😉 **30%off everything for black friday!
  10. Wild Thing, we all know one.
  11. Bells like these bring back memories of when I was a child, and my parents rang a bell like this when it was time to come unwrap presents on Christmas eve. You could use it as a dinner bell, or a man-flu bell 😉 you name it!
  12. My daughter has this boho canopy over her bed and swears it gives her the best of dreams.
  13. Everyone needs a functional AND beautiful dust pan and broom!

Gifts for Himthishausofours_GiftGuide_Him.PNG

  1. Every guy needs a plaid flannel. **buy one get one 50% for black friday!
  2. This life is a beautiful Adventure, lets toast to it in these amazing tumblers.
  3. Linen is one of the most glorious textiles. Everybody needs a washed linen robe!
  4. The one thing my husband asked for this year 😉 Man slippers. **30%off everything for black friday!
  5. Amazing gloves he’s sure to love.
  6. Shower organizer, genius!
  7. My husband has this Jean Jacket and I have to remind him to take it off at night. 😉 **buy one get one 50%off for black friday!
  8. If you know a dog lover, he’ll like this. If you know a dog lover who loves beer, he will Adore this!
  9. Bourbon and Cedar make an awesome pair. So does this shave bar and bow!
  10. Everyone needs a pair of these Sunglasses.
  11. Trio of Vanilla extract. mhhhh.
  12. XoXo. Tic Tac Toe. Fun times ahead.

Gifts for Baby


  1. A classic. I grew up reading Thumbelina , still one of my favorites to read to my littles.
  2. Let your babe ride a unicorn! We have this in our home and the kids adore it.
  3.  A darling book about the many possibilities of Home
  4. Whimsical Nightlight for the sweetest of dreams.
  5. A darling little pixy that comforts and soothes.
  6. Organic bamboo dinner set.
  7. One of the sweetest creatures by one of the best wooden toy companies I know.
  8. Shearling organic baby booties to keep those sweet piggies warm this season.
  9. beautiful star print duvet cover and pillow case. **30%off everything for black friday!
  10. Simple, sturdy, all natural blocks. Perfect for baby.


Gifts for little girlsthishausofours_GiftGuide_girl.PNGthishausofours_GiftGuide_girl2

  1. We’ve had this whimsical ride on swan for years and it’s still a favorite around here. **20% off for black friday!
  2. Darling little ballet buddy for your ballerina obsessed girl.
  3. The sweetest little luggage. It’s traveled far with us and held up beautifully.
  4. They will be sure to sleep soundly under this dreamy celestial sleeping bag **40% off for black friday!
  5. Darling floral tea set for those extra special parties with your little ones.
  6. Caia wears this daily. A must for every little ballerina.
  7. Your young baker may have a prettier mixer than you 😉 **$20off on black friday!
  8. Another classic for every child. Who doesn’t love Elsa Beskow anything?
  9. It’s a stroller, it’s a trolley! Its BOTH. Revolutionary design for imaginary play!
  10. This will be under our tree this year, and I can not wait to see our little girls face when she sees her very own musical jewelry box.
  11. stars banner
  12. Ballet cat and mouse (Again, yes) because its just so cute (or because I failed to realize I put it in here twice 😉
  13. Every little girl needs a jump rope, especially ones with cat handles 🙂
  14. We love this dollhouse kitchen! So simple and perfect for pretend play.
  15. If you buy anything this season, it HAS TO be a slumberkins. We swear by these, perhaps the number one baby/kid item for us. Our children never sleep without theirs.
  16. Adorable ice cream cart. Another new one for us that will be under our tree as well.
  17. matching dollhouse living room 
  18. matching dollhouse bathroom
  19. What a stunning dollhouse, they did not have stuff like this when I was little. A DREAM house. Does this come in adult size? **20% off with email coupon!

Gifts for Boysthishausofours_GiftGuide_boy2.PNGthishausofours_GiftGuide_boy1.PNG

  1. start with a blank page, come out a masterpiece! Now your little one can design their own bookback !
  2. Buy one get one free slingshots!! Every boys dream.Fox and Moose. Eagle and TigerPanda and Racoon
  3. Our favorite balance bike there ever was! **Black friday deal, buy one get a free helmet!!
  4. Another one that Santa is bringing us this year! Croquet game.
  5. Handmade by Balinese artist, these amazing kites are a true piece of art! Would make amazing decor too!
  6. Classic little book for every boy, teaching them things like finding true north etc.
  7. Brilliant curated plant guide! It’ s stunning.
  8. Children will love discovering the moon changes from day to day as the lunar cycle is shown through clever peek-through holes.
  9. A must for every young wizard! (or child of a HP obsessed parent 😉
  10. BEST tricycle, hands down!
  11. A family game thats a true staple!
  12. This is Finn’s main man (fox), he won’t go anywhere without him!
  13. Every little boy needs a train, and especially a circus themed train! Santa is bringing Finn this one this year! **black friday sale! 30%off!
  14. One of our most played with toys, the infamous red barn!! **black friday sale!
  15. Shelf that functions with number 16.
  16. 26 feet of roads on a paper roll with amazing stickers!
  17. Simple wooden designs make the most perfect of toys! Always timeless and holdup so well! Adorable Firestation.  **50%off on black friday!
  18. Luggage and practical decor, this little suitcase is a must for every kid! comes in 4 colors!
  19. Santa brought this amazing castle block set to us last year, and it’s been a hit! **black friday sale for $15 only! usual $40!
  20. most amazing wooden tool bench for every little tinkerer.
  21. Your little builder will love moving dirt and toys with this amazing push bulldozer **20%off with code unwrap on black friday!



xoxo -C

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