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What’s in our Easter Baskets you ask?

If you haven’t noticed yet, I am a sucker for making holidays extra magical! I love to add that extra special sparkle to an already magical day. Seeing my babes  wide eyed, chubby cheeked faces light up with utter joy is all I ever dreamed of. I try not to go overboard, I am a firm believer that quality goes over quantity. A few special, thoughtful pieces here and there, tiny keepsakes that can become heirloom pieces.  (We are going low on the candy this year too. A few macaroons, taffy and candied almonds will do)

Have a peek at my darling’s Easter baskets this year, maybe you’ll be inspired and find something you love.  { to see all the deets and darling shops involved, scroll below}

Bunny Peg Dolls and Wooden Eggs: Rita and Felix

Hair Bows: Fourth & Pierce

Tiny Bunny dolls: Polly had a Dolly

Wooden Egg cups: made by mama 🙂

Bunny Hat: Native Fable

Baskets: similar at Whole foods

Spoons: Etsy

Wooden Bunny Plate: Amazon

Peter Rabbit Cup and Natural Excelsior: World Market


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