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IKEA Play Kitchen Remodel

So many of you have asked for little pointers and how to for our IKEA toy kitchen hack. In an effort to inspire as many of you as possible to make your tiny cooks a sweet little custom kitchen of their own, I am finally getting around to sharing our:

IKEA DUGTIK KITCHEN REMODEL (if you don’t have an IKEA nearby, they ship!!)

I am a total novice at this, I can’t promise that the paint won’t chip, that the “wallpaper” won’t rip right off…  But alas, it sure looks freaking adorable, and it’s functional and inspiring too, so here goes:

Her little kitchen was modeled after a few key pieces my dream kitchen has: brass hardware and porcelain farmhouse sink. The butcher block type countertops IKEA took care of, so really, the make-over didn’t take much effort at all.

I used Krylon white, which matched the existing white pieces perfectly, and gold spray paint (available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Walmart etc), and a few coats did the trick. The faucet and hardware all got a brass facelift. The stovetop trim, rod and sink got a few flat white coats. Be sure to let each coat dry with ample of time between coats. I did one in a haste and it’s the handle with most flaws. I knew I needed a little bit of floral whimsy to contrast the modern farmhouse look. I’ve had this darling floral Rifle Paper Co wrapping paper since Christmas 2015 (her very first Christmas present was wrapped in it) so it was extra special and I knew I had saved one sheet for a special purpose. It went perfectly with her birthday theme, and after all, this was her big birthday gift.

I tacked the paper to the back, but in hindsight I think it would be even better adhered to a thick foam board and then tack it on the back. There is always room for improvement, right?

Happy hacking 🙂

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